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Condominium Hotel Operator

Condominium Project/Association Registration (514A, HRS)

Chapter 514A, HRS, has been repealed effective January 1, 2019. Please read more about the repeal here. The Commission is no longer accepting any Chapter 514A, HRS, reports. The reports listed below are for reference. Developers who did not make the safe harbor under Act 181, SLH 2017, must re-register their project under Chapter 514B, HRS, to engage in any legal sales. Please view the Chapter 514B, HRS, forms here.

In the event that Governor Ige signs the legislative extension of the safe harbor, or the passing of the forty-five day requirement under Article 3, Section 16 of the Hawaii State Constitution, the Commission will update the forms for the legislative changes. Any filings subsequent to any extension must be filed on the to be uploaded, new, updated form.

Condominium Project/Association Registration (514B, HRS)

NOTE:  Avoid opening PDF files in web browsers as they may not render properly. 2019 form versions will be required as of February 1, 2019. Do not modify the forms.

Owner Occupant No Action Request Forms

The Commission may consider whether extenuating circumstances affect an “owner-occupant’s” ability to comply with the “owner-occupant” provisions of Chapters 514A and 514B, HRS.

Condominium Managing Agent Registration