General Licensing Information; Examination Applications; License Applications; Prelicense Applications; Continuing Education Applications; Condominium Project/Association Registration.

General Licensing Information
Examination Application Forms
License Applications
Prelicense Application Forms
Continuing Education Application Forms
Condominium Hotel Operator
  1. Registration Instructions (PDF)
  2. Application for Registration (PDF)
  3. Certification of Insurance (PDF)
Condominium Project/Association Registration
Condominium Project/Association Registration (514B, HRS)
NOTE:  Non-substantive changes to the forms listed below may occur prior to the statutes effective date of July 1, 2006.

Owner Occupant No Action Request Forms
The Commission may consider whether extenuating circumstances affect an “owner-occupant’s” ability to comply with the “owner-occupant” provisions of Chapters 514A and 514B, HRS.