• Aloha Condominium Owners and Other Interested Individuals,

    Towards the goal of increasing awareness of as well as offering a wider distribution of condominium educational materials, the Real Estate Commission is creating an email mailing list to provide or link to relevant educational materials. Currently, distribution to unit owners and board members is through your association's contact person designated on the association's biennial registration.

    Should you wish to receive these educational materials or a link to the materials directly from the Commission, please submit your email address.

    Please note, although all reasonable attempts will be made to keep the email addresses confidential, the Commission may however be statutorily mandated to disclose collected addresses. The email mailing list will be used for providing general and educational information from the Commission relating to condominiums per its statutory purpose. The Commission will be sending out materials such as the quarterly condominium bulletin and information on changes to the condominium law, as well as other useful information through this email list. Additionally, the Commission may email links to surveys to gather information on condominium interests and issues.

    Prior editions are located here.