Licensee Search / Complaints History / Business Registration

DCCA offers a number of online resources for you to use as part of your check of companies, individuals or licensed professionals that you intend to hire or do business with. Please look at all information provided. DCCA also provides this service by phone at (808) 587-4272.

  • Consumer Protection complaint history search
    This link allows you to search Office of Consumer Protection complaints information.
  • Business Name Search
    DCCA recommends that you look at: 1) when the business was established, 2) the names of the people involved in the business, and 3) any previous names of the business. The names gathered from this search can be used in the Complaint History search above.
  • Professional and Vocational license search
    Certain services require the use of a licensed professional. This website allows you to search for information about professionals licensed by DCCA. Please check the PVL web site for a list of those professions. Other professionals may be licensed by other Federal, State, or local government agencies. See our helping hand (top right of this page) for a list of areas commonly mistaken to be under DCCA’s jurisdiction. Some licensed companies have licensed employees associated with the company. These licensed employees can be used in the complaint history search above. These companies include contractors that have a responsible managing entity (RME) and real estate companies that have a principal broker (PB).
  • RICO complaint history search
    This link allows you to search Regulated Industries complaints Office (RICO) complaints information. This site provides information about complaints involving professions licensed by the Professional and Vocational Licensing Division as well as unlicensed activity investigations related to those professions. For complaints against Cable Franchises, Financial Institutions, Securities Dealers, Insurance Entities, and Utilities please check with the appropriate DCCA agency.
  • General Excise Tax License Search
    This website allows you to check on whether a business or individual has a general excise tax license.