Real Estate Commission Bulletin 2021 – 2025

The 2021-2025 series will be posted as they are published.

Correction/Clarification Page 2, Item 3  – “Unlicensed Assistants in a Brokerage – What Can They Do?” Revised clarification language:

Unlicensed brokerage staff may not perform duties that do not fall under the above definitions of real estate broker and salesperson, including but not limited to, .  For example, if you have an unlicensed assistant in your brokerage, they may not show properties to potential clients or tenants engaging in any real estate negotiations or solicitations, with clients, they may not answer questions or provide information beyond what may be written in fact sheets approved by the principal broker regarding specific properties, and they may not signing any real estate transaction documents.  (The original print version of this publication does not reflect this revised clarification language.)