Real Estate Bulletin Index

ADVERTISING Advertising August-23 1-2,4
ADVERTISING Advertising…Again May-12 1,6
ADVERTISING Advertising A Listing That Is Not Yours February-12 1
ADVERTISING Advertising- Read All About It August-11 2,3
ASSISTANCE ANIMALS Is That a Service Dog August-17 1,2
ASSISTANCE ANIMALS Assistance Animals and the Landlord Tenant Code February-14 9,10
BROKER-IN-CHARGE (BIC) Broker-in-Charge August-21 1,4
BROKER-IN-CHARGE (BIC) What is a BIC? August-17 2,3
BROKER PRICE OPINION (BPO) Broker Price Opinions August-11 1
BROKER PRICE OPINION (BPO) Real Estate Appraiser Law Amended Compensation OK for BPOs by Real Estate Licensees May-11 1
BROKER PRICE OPINION (BPO) Broke Price Opinions (BPOs) February-11 4,7
CLIENT TRUST ACCOUNT The Client Trust Account May-23 1,2
CLIENT TRUST ACCOUNT A Note from RICO on Trust Account Compliance November-21 1
COMMISSIONS Can a Broker or Salesperson Associated with Brokerage A, Form an Entity and Have Commissions Paid to this Entity? May-20 4,5
COMMISSIONS Property Management Fees Subject to GET May Not Be Divided August-18 10
COMMISSIONS Commission Clarification- Splitting Fees November-12 5
COMMISSIONS Learning the Answer to an Important Question October-07 1,2
DRONES Chair’s Message- It’s A Bird, It’s a Plane, wait… It’s an Unmanned Aerial System (aka Drone) February-18 3
DRONES Unmanned Aircraft Systems August-16 14
GIFTS OR REIMBURSEMENTS Offers of Gifts or Reimbursements May-19 1
HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA Commission Issues a Non-Binding Interpretation Regarding High School Diploma Requirement August-23 4
LANDLORD TENANT State Reminds Renters of Eviction Memorandum & Relief Options November-20 5
LANDLORD TENANT State Provides Guidance For Homeowners and Renters May-20 2,4
MISREPRESENTATION Hawaii Legislation Requires Consideration of “Reasonable Reliance” in Misrepresentation, Material Discloser Cases February-13 14
MORTGAGE RATES Quoting Mortgage Rates November-16 3
PERSONAL TRANSACTIONS Licensee’s Personal Transactions: Principal Brokers are Responsible November-20 6,7
PERSONAL TRANSACTIONS Commission Issues A Non-Binding Interpretation Regarding Personal Transactions February-18 1,2
PLACE OF BUSINESS Brick and Mortar Place of Business February-22 2
PLACE OF BUSINESS Is a Cloud-Based Brokerage Legal? May-21 1,2
PLACE OF BUSINESS Home Occupation Offices August-20 1,5
PLACE OF BUSINESS Virtual Offices Are Not Allowed February-20 4,5
PLACE OF BUSINESS Place of Business? Brick and Mortar! Not Virtual May-17 1,2
PLACE OF BUSINESS Is Your Place of Business Compliant? February-13 2
PRINCIPAL BROKER Being a Principal Broker: Are You Up to the Challenge August-16 2,4,5
PRINCIPAL BROKER Chair’s Message: Broker Practice Tip: Policies & Procedures Can Minimize Risk February-13 3
OWNER BUILDER PERMITS Owner- Builder Permits August-18 1,3
OWNER OCCUPANT LAW Developer Sale of Units February-19 9
OWNER OCCUPANT LAW Chair’s Message May-13 2,3
REAL ESTATE RECOVERY FUND Perfecting a Claim for Relief from the Real Estate Recovery Fund February-19 2,4-7
REAL ESTATE SETTLEMENT PROCEDURES ACT (RESPA) Real Estate Brokers and Mortgage Servicer Kickback Case August-17 4
REAL ESTATE SETTLEMENT PROCEDURES ACT (RESPA) Beware of Possible RESPA Violations August-16 1,2
RECORDS RETENTION Records Retention- What to Keep and For How Long? November-15 1
REFERRAL FEE Splitting Fees- Informal, Non- Binding Interpretation Issued August-12 5
REGULATED INDUSTRIES COMPLAINTS OFFICE (RICO) The Regulated Industries Complaints Office and The Disciplinary Process for Real Estate Licensees May-21 2
SUCCESSION PLAN/ SUDDEN LOSS OF PB Entity Succesion Plan Are you (and any associated licensees) prepared? November-23 2,4
SUCCESSION PLAN/ SUDDEN LOSS OF PB Sudden Loss of Principal Brokers May-18 1,2
SUCCESSION PLAN/ SUDDEN LOSS OF PB Principal Broker Unable to Act- What Happens November-14 5
SUCCESSION PLAN/ SUDDEN LOSS OF PB What Happens When a Broker Dies or is Disabled February-08 2
TEAMS Teams- Wassup November-21 2
TEAMS Teams November-17 1
TEAMS REC Informal Non-Binding Interpretation: Team Name May-15 10
TEAMS Advertising in the Name of “Team___” February-15 1
TEMPORARY PRINCIPAL BROKER Temporary Principal Broker or Broker-In-Charge May-13 1
TRADE NAMES Trade Name Versus License Name: What’s the DIFF? August-22 2,3
TRANSIENT ACCOMMODATIONS Transient Accommodations Registration Number Must Be Included in Advertisements February-20 10
TRANSIENT ACCOMMODATIONS TAT is Owed on Resort Fees Collected by AOUOs November-19 2
TRANSIENT ACCOMMODATIONS Short Term Vacation Rentals February-19 10
TRANSIENT ACCOMMODATIONS Post TAT License Number in Advertisements February-19 10
TRANSIENT ACCOMMODATIONS Tax Systems Modernization August-16 13
TRANSIENT ACCOMMODATIONS Act 204, SLH 2015: On Island Local Contract Required May-16 13
TRANSIENT ACCOMMODATIONS Operators of Transient Accommodations February-16 10
TRANSIENT ACCOMMODATIONS Act 204 Replaces Act 326- Transient Accommodations November-15 7
TRANSIENT ACCOMMODATIONS Clarification of Reporting Requirements- Transient Accommodations Operations August-15 14
UNLICENSED ASSISTANTS Unlicensed Assistance in a Brokerage- What Can They Do? August-15 1,3