Resources for Condominium Owners, Boards of Directors & Associations

Resources for Condominium Owners & Boards of Directors

Ownership in a condominium is different from other forms of ownership. A condominium is a form of ownership shared with others rather than a particular structure and many types of property can be in a condominium project, such as residential high rises, townhomes, single family homes, warehouses, commercial offices, harbor slips, and farms. This type of ownership comes with unique sets of organization and management, with an association of units owners (AOUO) governing project. The Real Estate Commission and Branch have produced a large number of brochures, guides, flyers, and videos to help condominium unit owners understand their rights and responsibilities. The Real Estate Commission and Branch also maintain a public searchable online database of Developer’s Public Reports and an association contact list.

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Association Registration/Re-Registration & Biennial Registration Search

Board of Directors, Fiduciary Duty & Business Judgment Rule

Budgeting, Finances & Reserves

Condominium Governance & Information

Condominium Informational Email Subscription List

Condominium Association Contact Information, Developer's Public Report Database, & Statewide Interactive Map of Projects

  • Association of Unit Owners (AOUO) Contact List (PDF)
    Contact list of condominium projects, their association contact person and managing agent (if any). The information at this PDF is provided by the State of Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) as a public service and is intended to be used solely as reference material.  DCCA does not represent that the information contained herein is accurate, complete and/or current.  Information provided by the DCCA at this site is provided on an “as is” basis and the DCCA makes no guarantees as to its accuracy.  Assessing the accuracy and reliability of the information contained at this site is the user’s responsibility.
  • Developer’s Public Reports/Association Biennial Registration
    Online search for condominium projects’ Developer’s Public Reports and current association biennial registration information

  • Geographic Information System – Condominium Mapping (Office of Planning – GIS)
    Online mapping of condominium projects statewide. Information provided by the Office of Planning and DCCA at this site is provided on an “as is” basis and the Office of Planning and DCCA makes no guarantees as to its accuracy. (Account may be required)
  • Links to Other Agencies and Organizations
    Information for finding maps, permitting, the Regulated Industries Complaints Office, and other agencies to help you find condominium related information

Condominium Law, Rules, and Legislative Updates

Mediation of Condominium Disputes

Educational, Condorama, & Video Seminars

Prospective Buyers & Owner Occupants