I’m a New Board Member, Where Do I Start Getting Educated?

Congratulations on getting elected or appointed to the board! Your job as a board member, is the vital task of helping run the association through informed and educated decisions. The Hawaii Real Estate Branch (“Branch”) has a wealth of knowledge to assist you in familiarizing yourself with the issues. We also understand that not everyone has hours to spend getting educated.

On the Resources for Condominium Owners, Boards of Directors & Associations page, look for the symbol. The B circled in red signifies a brochure that board members should read to quickly get up to speed on important condominium association issues. These are quick 1-2 minute reads on various topics such as fiduciary duty, agents of the association, the business judgment rule, owner and board member rights and responsibilities, and other key information. This office recommends reading through the various brochures on the website beyond those marked with the symbol when you have time. In addition, the Branch has an award winning series of 15 short videos – all 5 minutes or less – which you can watch to become familiar with common condominium association topics.

The Branch also hosts much more technical and in depth educational material as well, when you have more time to become educated. There are dozens of lengthy videos covering insurance, meetings, lawsuits, budgets, reserves, assistance and emotional support animals, and many, many more. Every quarter, a new Hawaii Condominium Bulletin is released covering varying topics. You may view our condominium bulletin index going back to 2014 to find specific topics with the link to their respective bulletin.

There is also an email subscription list. Signup to receive quarterly emails about upcoming educational classes, new law updates, new bulletins, and other useful condominium information.