Missing Association Renewal Information

Why is a particular association registration’s latest renewal info not on the database?

There are four reasons why a particular association current renewal registration information is not on the database:

  • The association registration renewal application has a deficiency often related to insufficient fees to problems with their fidelity bonding. Lack of fidelity bonding is the most common occurrence for no approval for an association registration renewal. The renewal application is halted until association and their respective managing agents (if any) fix the deficiencies.
  • A number of other associations simply did not file their renewal application entirely and while they face late fees, penalties, a loss of standing in court, and no access to subsidized alternative dispute resolution, it is up to the association to file their association registration renewal application. We regularly remind these associations to file, but the Commission cannot file the application on their behalf.
  • The approved renewal application is in the process of being uploaded by staff and we appreciate your patience and understanding.