Business Registration Division (BREG)

BREG is responsible for processing and maintaining for public access, registrations of corporations, general and limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, trade names, trademarks, service marks and publicity name rights.

Cable Television Division (CATV)

CATV issues franchises to Hawaii cable television companies. CATV regulates the rates for the basic tier of service and its related equipment and installation costs, monitors the quality of service, and handles subscribers’ complaints about cable television matters. The Director of the DCCA issues franchise terms and requirements to the cable television companies through Decision and Orders. The Director is also, at his/her discretion, advised on policy matters by the Cable Advisory Committee whose five (5) members are appointed by the Governor. From time to time, CATV also contracts with outside consultants and their reports are submitted to the Director and made available to the public via the CATV website. Lastly, the CATV enters into contractual agreements with private, not-for-profit entities to manage and operate Public, Educational and Government (PEG) channels provided by the cable operators.

Division of Consumer Advocacy (DCA)

DCA is a state agency established to protect and represent consumer interests before the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission, the Federal Communications Commission, and other local and federal agencies.  These organizations have regulatory jurisdiction over public utility services, including power generation, telecommunications services, synthetic natural gas, water and wastewater, transportation, and other similar public utility services.  The division assists and represents customers of utility services as a whole rather than a single customer or select group of people.

Division of Financial Institutions (DFI)

DFI ensures the safety and soundness of state-chartered and state-licensed financial institutions, and ensures regulatory compliance by state-licensed financial institutions, escrow depositories, money transmitters, mortgage servicers, mortgage loan originators and mortgage loan originator companies, by fairly administering applicable statutes and rules, in order to protect the rights and funds of depositors, borrowers, consumers and other members of the public.

Insurance Division (INS)

INS is responsible for overseeing the insurance industry in the State of Hawaii, which includes insurance companies, insurance agents, self-insurers and captives. The division ensures that consumers are provided with insurance services meeting acceptable standards of quality, equity and dependability at fair rates by establishing and enforcing appropriate service standards. The division provides for the licensing, supervision and regulation of all insurance transactions in the State. Prepaid Legal Services also falls within the division duties.

Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH)

OAH is responsible for conducting administrative hearings and issuing recommended or final decisions for all divisions within the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs that are required to provide contested case hearings pursuant to the provisions of Hawai`i Revised Statutes Chapters 91 and 92.

Office of Consumer Protection (OCP)

OCP was created in 1969 to protect the interests of consumers and legitimate businesses. The primary purpose of the office is to promote fair and honest business practices by investigating alleged violations of consumer protection laws, by taking legal action to stop unfair or deceptive practices in the marketplace, and by educating the consumer public and businesses regarding their respective rights and obligations.

Professional and Vocational Licensing Division (PVL)

PVL is responsible for implementing the licensing regulations for 52 different professions and vocations.  Twenty-five (25) licensing regulatory boards and commissions are administratively attached to DCCA/PVL, as well as twenty-seven (27) licensing programs (those without a board or commission).  The division provides staff support to the licensing regulatory boards, handles applications, licenses, reviews and processes renewals, and maintains license records.  The division provides guidance for proper implementation of the licensing laws and administrative rules for the 52 licensing areas.

Regulated Industries Complaints Office (RICO)

RICO is the enforcement arm of over forty-five professional boards, commissions and programs that are administratively attached to the department. RICO receives, investigates and prosecutes possible license violations, including unlicensed activity. RICO also administers the State Certified Arbitration Program (SCAP)- Lemon vehicles program for “lemon” motor vehicle claims. RICO has offices in Honolulu, Hilo, Kona, Wailuku and Lihue and its staff includes investigators, attorneys and clerical support.