Condominium FAQs

What Services Does the Real Estate Branch (REB) Provide to the Condominium Community?
Does HRS 514A or 514B Apply to My Condominium Association?
Where Do I File a Complaint Against My Association/Board Member?
Will the REB Represent Me in a Complaint?
I Believe a Board Member Has a Conflict of Interest. Can This Member Be Removed?
My Board/Managing Agent Won’t Provide Me with Association Documents
Am I Required to Sign an Affidavit Prior to Receiving Certain Association Documents?
Can I be Charged a Fee for Receiving Information?
Can a Board Increase My Maintenance Fees?
I Don’t Agree with the Management of My Condominium Association. Can I Stop Paying My Maintenance Fees, or Place it in an Escrow Account until My Dispute with the Association is Resolved?
Must The Board Provide Notice to the Owners of an Association/Board Meeting?
I Believe My Board Used Proxy Ballots Illegally. What Steps Can I Take?
I Live in a Community/Homeowners Association. Does the Condominium Law Apply to My Association?
How Do I Go About Making a Change to the Condominium Law?
Budgets and Reserves
Questions and answers on condominium association budgets and reserves
Why Do We Have to Register the AOUO?
Can the Real Estate Commission Step in to Resolve Disputes Between Owners and the Association, Owners and the Board, Owners and the Managing Agent, or Disputes Between Owners?
Must Condominium Occupants Allow Association Personnel Access to Their Units?
How Does an Association Know if its Reserves are sufficient?
Can I CPR My Property, it Has x Amount of Square Feet and is Zoned x?
Mediation Contact Information
Does the Real Estate Branch (REB) have copies of the condominium map, declaration, bylaws, and house rules?
Does the Condo Law Require Condominium Associations to have a Managing Agent?