Real Estate License Renewals

When are online renewals available and Where do I complete my online renewal application?
  • The online renewal system has closed. Please call our Licensing Branch to request a hard-copy restoration at (808) 586-3000.
General Licensing Information
When does my real estate license expire and what do I have to do to renew my license? Does it matter that I am inactive?
  • All real estate licenses expire on December 31 of each even-numbered year.
  • Please review the Renewal Instructions sheet for additional information.
Why is the filing deadline November 30, 2022?
  • While online licensing renewals will be available until 11:59:59 pm, December 31, 2022, the November 30, 2022 deadline ensures that licensees who submit complete renewal applications by the filing deadline will be able to retrieve and print their license pocket ID card via their MyPVL account.  This will ensure continuation of real estate licensing activities from January 1, 2023 and the ability to earn compensation.
  • The filing deadline is for all types of real estate license renewals, and condominium hotel operator re-registrations.
What if I submit my renewal application after November 30, 2022?
  • The licensee is at risk as the application may not be processed and approved by the expiration date, and the licensee may have to cease real estate licensing activity from January 1, 2023 until properly licensed.
  • For Principal brokers and broker entity licenses it is more critical, as any untimely filing will place all real estate licensees associated with the principal broker and the entity at risk, even salespersons who successfully renewed.
What happens to my license if I do not renew on time and what do I have to do to make it current?
  • If the license is not renewed prior to December 31 of an even-numbered year (e.g. 2020, 2022, etc.) for failure to submit a renewal application or failure to pay renewal fees, the license shall be forfeited on January 1 of the subsequent odd-numbered year (e.g. 2021, 2023, etc.).
  • Applicants seeking to restore forfeited real estate licenses must submit a complete restoration application with all required fees, penalties, and documents (See "Restore A Hawaii License" Memorandum).
  • Restoration Options are as follows:
    • For licenses forfeited under one year, applicants restoring to active licensing status, must submit proof of completion of continuing education requirements. Restoring to inactive licensing status requires no CE.
    • For licenses forfeited over one year and under four years, whether for active or inactive licensing status, applicants must complete one of the following:
      • Complete at least thirty hours of elective CE; or
      • successfully complete the prelicensing course for the level of license forfeited; or
      • pass the prelicensing examination for the level of license forfeited.
    • For licenses forfeited over four years but less than five years, applicants must pass the prelicensing examination for the level of license forfeited.

NOTE:  To obtain a restoration application you must contact the Professional and Vocational Licensing Division – Licensing Branch at (808) 586-3000.

What is the best advice for a real estate brokerage firm or principal broker?
How do I make an address change?
  • Address changes can be made during the online renewal process.  All other changes should be made via the Change Form.
How do I know I have successfully renewed my license?
  • You will know that you have successfully renewed when you are able to retrieve your pocket card via the MyPVL account (effective April 18, 2019, pocket ID cards are no longer being mailed).  Sometimes the notice of a NSF fee check is not received until after the license pocket card is issued. At that point, the licensee is not considered successfully renewed and if after January 1, 2023, will be considered a forfeited licensee and cannot conduct real estate activity.
May I receive a refund of my renewal fees if I renew as a salesperson and subsequently pass the broker's examination and apply as a new broker before the end of the year?
  • No. No refunds are given. However, the best option available is to, upon passing of the broker's examination, NOT renew your salesperson's license and submit your broker's license application with an effective date of January 1, 2023. Please note: In this scenario, the licensee is still responsible for completing the continuing education requirements.
What are the continuing education requirements?
  • All individual licensees (except for those who received their salesperson license in 2022) desiring to renew their licenses on an active status shall complete mandatory core courses, Parts A and B (three (3) hours each), and fourteen (14) hours of elective credit hours. All continuing education courses shall be from the Hawaii Real Estate Commission's approved list. Persons who received their salesperson license in 2022 are deemed to have fulfilled their CE requirement.
  • Failure to complete the continuing education requirements will result in renewal on an inactive license status.
  • Those licensees desiring to renew their license on an inactive status do not have to complete the continuing education requirements until they decide to change to an active status.
How do I view my CE History?
  • In order to view your CE History, you must log into your MYPVL account. Once logged in, click on your license number. Next, look for the "RECE" tab. Click on the tab and hit "View CE History. Please view our PDF on "Reviewing Your CE History."
What if I do not complete my continuing education requirements before submitting my online renewal application?
  • While you will be able to complete the online renewal, the license is at risk as the application may not be processed and approved by the license expiration date which means you will not be able to conduct real estate activity from January 1, 2023.
  • Principal brokers and brokers in charge who fail to complete the continuing education requirements before submitting renewal applications jeopardize the licenses of the brokerage entity and all associating licensees, who may be placed on an inactive status.
What should I do with my continuing education course completion certificates?
  • Please retain the certificates for your records in case they are needed to verify completion. The continuing education course completion certificates are designated as either "Core" for the mandatory core course or "Elective" for an elective course.
What if there is incorrect information on my online renewal application?
  • You may still complete the online application.
  • If no change form was previously submitted to change the applicable information, submit a completed change form.
  • If a change form or other application was previously submitted on the incorrect information, the licensee should contact the Licensing Branch at 586-3000 to verify the status of the change form or application.
  • If a change form or other application was not received by the Licensing Branch, the licensee needs to re-submit a new change form or new application form, as no copies will be accepted.
What if I continue to conduct real estate activity from January 1, 2023 without being properly licensed?
  • The licensee may face enforcement action and may have to refund all compensation earned during the unlicensed period.
Why is it high priority that the brokerage entity, principal broker, broker in charge, and branch office successfully renew in a timely manner and ahead of associating salespersons?
  • Most real estate licenses are dependent on the timely successful renewal of the associating real estate broker licenses. It affects the renewal of licenses of all associating broker-salespersons and salespersons, which could be held in suspense and eventually placed on an inactive status on January 1, 2023. Inactive licensees cannot conduct real estate licensing activity and will have to submit change forms to change to active status, plus there may be applicable fees.
What are the major problems against successful online renewals?
  • Failure to follow instructions;
  • Failure to complete application;
  • Failure to renew on time;
  • Late completion of continuing education requirements;
  • Incorrect checks routing number;
  • Insufficient fund for check payments;
  • Untimely renewal of broker entity or principal broker;
  • A "YES" answer to any of the three (3) questions asked on the renewal application.
How do I request/submit a paper application?
  • The Online Renewal System is no longer available.  You may request a paper application from the Professional and Vocation Licensing Division - Licensing Branch.  Request may be made by any of the following:
    • Via Telephone: (808) 586-3000
      Residents on the neighbor islands may call by dialing the following toll free numbers followed by the last 5 digits of the phone numbers above and the # sign: Kauai 274-3141
      Maui 984-2400
      Hawaii 974-4000
      Lanai & Molokai 1-800-468-4644
    • Via email:
      [email protected]
    • By Mail:
      P.O. Box 3469
      Honolulu, HI 96801
    • In Person:
      King Kalakaua Building
      335 Merchant Street, Room 301
      Honolulu, HI 96813