My Board/Managing Agent Won’t Provide Me with Association Documents

While this list is not meant to be exhaustive, except as otherwise provided for by law, certain documents, including but not limited to association records, association members’ lists and association financial documents, among other documents, shall be made available to owners for examination. All documents required by law to be provided to owners are listed in HRS §§ 514B–152 -154.5.

RICO, (808) 586-2653, accepts complaints where an owner is refused access to association documents that are required by law to be provided to owners. It is helpful to have documentation of your request when you contact RICO, e.g., any copies of written requests for documents, dates of oral requests, documentation of refusal, etc., to assist RICO with its investigation. While RICO has jurisdiction over ensuring that requestors receive information as allowed by law, RICO generally does not have any jurisdiction over any of the underlying matters relating to the documents. Please view the RICO condominium records complaint form here.

Revised 8/28/18