Resources for Condominium Developers, Condominium Managing Agents, & Condominium Hotel Operators

Resources for Condominium Developers, Condominium Managing Agents, & Condominium Hotel Operators

Developing a condominium project can be a complex undertaking with sizable amounts of documents and disclosures required. General information on the condominium process, compensation to the Commission’s consultants, forms, developer memorandums, owner occupancy requirements, and non-binding informal interpretations for developers are all available for your convenience. The process for condominium hotel operators to become registered is also detailed with the provided forms.

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Chapter 514A, HRS, has been entirely repealed. For more information, click here.

Condominium Project Registration

Condominium Project Forms

Condominium Law & Rules

Owner Occupancy Forms & Advertising

Condominium Managing Agent

  • Condominium Managing Agent
    Application for non-real estate brokers to manage operations of an Association of Unit Owners.
  • There are currently no registered Condominium Managing Agents as of December 2018.

Condominium Hotel Operator

Condominium hotel operators who hold an active real estate brokers license are exempt from the registration and fidelity bond requirements.