Developer’s Public Reports


Architect's or Engineer's statement

Application Process

  • REC Memo 6/30/18 - Process and procedure of submission and review of a developer's public report

Annual Report Requirements - Anniversary Date

Bulk Sales

Cease Processing, Abandoned Project Registration, Destruction of  File

Consultant Review Fee

Conveyance to Co-Developers - Not an Initial or First Sale

Cooperative Conversion

Copies of Developer's Public Report

Developer Obligations After Initial Sales

Documentation and Records for a Developer's Public Report

Effective Date Denials

Electronic Submission of Developer's Public Reports

Fee and Leasehold - Mixed Title

Gift vs. Sale

Initial Conveyance/First Sale

Kauai Code Relating to Additional Dwelling Units

Kauai Click2Gov Building Permits


Material Respect/Change

Nested Condominium (Condominium within a Condominium)

Owner-Builder Exemption - Chapter 444


Purchase Property under an Option Agreement

Registration Materials Available for Public Review (May Require Redaction)

Re-registration of Chapter 514A, HRS, Projects

Sales to Owner-Occupants and First Publication of the Announcement or Advertisement

Single Unit Condominium Project

Site Office Approval

Subdivision - Misleading Reference

Two Unit Condominium – Separate Public Reports

Verified Statement

Zero Unit Condominium

Chapter 514A, HRS, Projects

Chapter 514A, HRS, has been repealed as of January 1, 2019, pursuant to Act 181, SLH 2017.

Act 93 Interpretation – Registration Election, Notice of Intent

Abbreviated (Short Form) Supplementary Developer’s Public Report

Full Supplementary Developer’s Public Report - Changes to Limited and Common Elements, Timeshare

Contingent Final Reports

Converted Condominium

Copies Provided to Commission


Federal Property Conversions

Kalihi Valley Estate

Metes and Bounds

Non-Expiration Exception of Effective Date for Two Unit Projects

Preliminary Public Report

Re-registration From Chapter 514A to Chapter 514B

Reserve Study Disclosure

Statement Requirements

Chapter 514B, HRS, Projects

Amendment vs Amended Developer’s Public Report

Adding units by Amendment or Amended

Building Permits - Purchaser's Deposits

Building Permit and Recordation

Delivery of Developer's Public Report

  • CRC Minutes 10/10/06 - Allowable Methods Of Delivery of Documents, Developer's Public Report Not Included In Electronic Delivery Methods
  • REC Minutes 10/27/06 - Allowable Methods Of Delivery of Documents, Developer's Public Report Not Included In Electronic Delivery Methods
  • REC Minutes 3/24/23 - Allowable Methods Of Notice of Right To Cancel Sales Contract For Developer Sales To Include Email

Executed Declaration

Non-Residential Unit Exemption

Phased Projects

Spatial Units Description & Clarification

Developer's Memos - Chronological