Developer’s Public Reports


Architect's or Engineer's statement

Application Process

  • REC Memo 6/30/18 - Process and procedure of submission and review of a developer's public report

Annual Report Requirements - Anniversary Date

Bulk Sales

Cease Processing, Abandoned Project Registration, Destruction of  File

Consultant Review Fee

Conveyance to Co-Developers - Not an Initial or First Sale

Cooperative Conversion

Copies of Developer's Public Report

Developer Obligations After Initial Sales

Documentation and Records for a Developer's Public Report

Effective Date Denials

Electronic Submission of Developer's Public Reports

Fee and Leasehold - Mixed Title

Gift vs. Sale

Initial Conveyance/First Sale

Material Respect/Change

Nested Condominium (Condominium within a Condominium)

Owner-Builder Exemption - Chapter 444


Purchase Property under an Option Agreement

Registration Materials Available for Public Review (May Require Redaction)

Re-registration of Chapter 514A, HRS, Projects

Single Unit Condominium Project

Site Office Approval

Subdivision - Misleading Reference

Two Unit Condominium – Separate Public Reports

Zero Unit Condominium

Chapter 514A, HRS, Projects

Chapter 514A, HRS, has been repealed as of January 1, 2019, pursuant to Act 181, SLH 2017.

Act 93 Interpretation – Registration Election, Notice of Intent

Abbreviated (Short Form) Supplementary Developer’s Public Report

Full Supplementary Developer’s Public Report - Changes to Limited and Common Elements, Timeshare

Contingent Final Reports

Converted Condominium

Copies Provided to Commission


Metes and Bounds

Non-Expiration Exception of Effective Date for Two Unit Projects

Preliminary Public Report

Re-registration From Chapter 514A to Chapter 514B

Reserve Study Disclosure

Chapter 514B, HRS, Projects

Amendment vs Amended Developer’s Public Report

Adding units by Amendment or Amended

Building Permits - Purchaser's Deposits

Building Permit and Recordation

Delivery of Developer's Public Report

  • CRC Minutes 10/10/06 - Allowable Methods Of Delivery of Documents, Developer's Public Report Not Included In Electronic Delivery Methods
  • REC Minutes 10/27/06 - Allowable Methods Of Delivery of Documents, Developer's Public Report Not Included In Electronic Delivery Methods

Executed Declaration

Non-Residential Unit Exemption

Phased Projects

Spatial Units Description & Clarification

Developer's Memos - Chronological