Continuing Education Requirements

Licensees are required to complete 20 hours of approved continuing education courses for each two-year license period (January 1 of odd-numbered years through December 31 of even-numbered years); also referred to as the licensing biennium.

Licensees intending to renew their license on an active status by the renewal deadline of November 30 (even-numbered years) must complete 20 hours of approved continuing education courses during the biennium. The required continuing education hours include six (6) hours for the commission designated core course and fourteen (14) hours of elective credit hours.

Licensees will receive course completion certificates marked “elective” for elective courses and course completion certificate marked “core” for core courses, when they complete each course.

Continuing education providers must verify the license status of a course participant prior to issuing a certificate.

A licensee issued a Hawaii real estate salesperson’s license in an even-numbered year (for example 2008), who renews their license by November 30 of that even-numbered year (the renewal application deadline), will be deemed to have completed equivalent to the continuing education requirement and will not have to complete the continuing education requirement for this license renewal.

To Reactivate a License Before the End of the Current Biennium:

Reactivation of a license is a lengthy process. A licensee who intends to reactivate a license before the end of the current biennium, shall inform the continuing education provider of their intent prior to the class. This will ensure that the licensee receives the correct course completion certificates.

To reactivate a license before the end of the biennium, a licensee must first satisfy the prescribed continuing education hours of one prior renewal period. Licensees who wish to reactivate a license need at least 20 credit hours of continuing education (core course + elective courses). The previous biennium’s core course is available through May 31 of odd-numbered years. After May 31, licensees who have not completed the biennium’s core course(s) shall complete 20 hours of continuing education elective courses.