Examination Application Forms

  • Equivalency to the Prelicense Education Requirement (PDF)
    Candidates for the Hawaii broker or salesperson examination must complete a prelicense course accredited by the Hawaii Real Estate Commission unless granted a prelicense education equivalency.
  • Equivalency to the Uniform Section of the Examination (PDF)
    Candidates with a current license in another state who have passed the uniform section of that state’s licensing examination may qualify for an equivalency to the uniform section of the Hawaii licensing examination. If granted, the candidate will only have to take the Hawaii section of the examination. NOTE: Candidates also need a valid Hawaii School Completion Certificate or a Prelicensing Education Equivalency Certificate .
  • Broker Experience Certificate (PDF)
    Candidates for the Hawaii broker examination must present a valid, unexpired Broker Experience Certificate (in addition to the prelicensing education requirement) to gain entrance into the broker examination. Candidates possessing practical real estate salesperson experience as a full-time (devoting at least forty hours per week and no prorata credit given for part-time real estate salesperson activity) Hawaii-licensed real estate salesperson associated with a Hawaii-licensed real estate broker for at least three (3) years of the five-year period immediately prior to the submission of the Broker Experience Certificate Application may apply for, and if approved, be granted a Broker Experience Certificate. NOTE: Broker candidates may apply and, if approved, be granted an equivalency to the Broker Experience requirement based on the following: Out-of-state real estate salesperson license experience or a current, unencumbered real estate broker’s license in another state or jurisdiction recognized by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO), with an equivalent real estate licensing law as determined by the Commission.
  • Request for Preliminary Decision: Real Estate Salesperson or Broker (PDF)
    Candidates with possible disqualifying backgrounds (e.g. criminal conviction, disciplinary action, outstanding tax obligation) may request non-binding, advisory guidance from the Real Estate Commission prior to submitting an application for license.