What Services Does the Real Estate Branch (REB) Provide to the Condominium Community?

Condominium associations are set up by law to operate as self-governing entities with minimal government intervention. The Real Estate Branch (“REB”), through its condominium specialists, provides information, and referral services to the Hawaii condominium community, including owners, board members, developers, and general consumers, regarding the Hawaii condominium law, Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS), Chapters 514A and 514B, and other condominium-related issues. The educational efforts of the REB are governed by the Condominium Education Trust Fund (CETF), the purpose of which is to finance and promote education and research in the condominium field, promote efficient administration of condominium associations, and promote expeditious and inexpensive procedures for resolving association disputes, including mediation and arbitration. As such, this educational emphasis is consistent with the philosophy underlying the condominium law of self-enforcement by the owners of the association.

The REB website address is www.hawaii.gov/hirec, where you will find information related to condominiums and the work of the REB, in addition to helpful links. E-mail correspondence may be directed to [email protected] To ask a question about the condominium law, call a condominium specialist. They may be reached at the REB at (808) 586-2643.

Revised 8/20/2018