Must Condominium Occupants Allow Association Personnel Access to Their Units?

Each unit owner shall afford the association, other unit owners, employees, independent contractors, or agents of the association, during reasonable hours, access through the owner’s unit reasonably necessary for the association’s operation of the property, or for the maintenance, repair, and replacement of the owner’s unit, except to the extent provided by the declaration or bylaws.  The association also has the irrevocable right, exercised through the board, to have access to each unit at any time as may be necessary for making emergency repairs to prevent damage to the common elements or to another unit or units.  (Section 514B-137, HRS)

Condominium living is a form of community living and thus brings a different set of conditions. Please read our brochure, “Introduction to Condominium Living” for more information on what to expect living in a condominium.

Revised 8/28/18