Does HRS 514A or 514B Apply to My Condominium Association?

Condominium governance falls under HRS chapter 514B. Certain sections of HRS chapter 514B apply automatically to all condominium associations, regardless of whether the condominium was developed prior to the implementation of HRS chapter 514B on July 1, 2006. Therefore, while you may live in a condominium association that was created under HRS chapter 514A, HRS chapter 514B will govern your condominium project. These automatically-applying provisions are: HRS §§ 514B-3 (to the extent definitions are necessary in construing any of the following provisions), -4, -5, -35, -41(c), -46, -72 and the whole of Part VI (Management of Condominiums).

HRS chapter 514A, has been formally repealed on January 1, 2019 pursuant to Act 181, SLH 2017. Read more about the repeal here.

For a link to HRS Chapter 514B, please click here.

Revised 5/10/22