Am I Required to Sign an Affidavit Prior to Receiving Certain Association Documents?

For the protection of the association and its members, requestors may be required to sign an affidavit prior to receiving certain documents affirming that the information will be used only for association matters before being provided copies. These documents include: current ownership list; financial statements; general ledgers; accounts receivable ledgers; accounts payable ledgers; check ledgers; insurance policies; contracts and invoices of the association for the duration the records are kept by the association; and delinquencies of ninety days or more. HRS §§ 514B-154(b), 514B-153(e)

The affidavit requirement also applies to requests to examine proxies, tally sheets, ballots, owners’ check-in lists and and the certificate of election. HRS § 514B-154(c)

Revised 12/27/21