Choosing a Telecommunications Services Provider

Generally, you will have two telecommunications services providers. One will be responsible for providing your local phone service. The other provider will carry your toll calls (i.e., interisland calls, mainland, and international calls). At this time, there are not very many choices of local phone service providers. While there are a limited number of local service providers for business customers, options are even fewer for residential local phone service available at this time.

As it relates to toll services, all business and residential customers have many more options as to who they select to provide their long distance phone service. While some people may be willing to simply choose a service provider with a certain name and not take the time to see what calling plans or packages may be offered, it may be possible for those people to noticeably reduce their long distance bills by doing some homework. Factors that should be considered when selecting your service provider are the rates and quality of service received. With all of the various service providers and numerous plans that they offer, selecting the right service provider can be very confusing.

Before selecting a long distance services provider, you should become familiar with your needs and calling patterns. Some of the factors you may want to consider are:

  1. The number of calls you make each month;
  2. How long each of these calls last;
  3. What time of day you make most of your long distance calls;
  4. What day(s) you make most of your long distance calls; and
  5. The terminating point, or destination, of your long distance calls (interisland, interstate, or international).

Once you understand these factors, compare and contrast the various plans that the long distance services providers offer. Determine whether a provider offers a plan that best suits your calling patterns and results in the lowest overall cost, not just the lowest rates for any one time.