The Division of Consumer Advocacy (DCA) primarily reviews and acts upon filings made by telecommunications service providers with the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission (PUC). The DCA has also participated in proceedings before the Federal Communications Commission. Due to the critical nature of communications, the DCA tries to ensure that these telecommunications services are available to consumers at reasonable and affordable rates.

Telecommunications in Hawaii, A Brief History

Slamming and Cramming

Your Telephone Bill
With any product or service, you must pay the provider in order to receive the product or service. Likewise with telecommunications services, you must pay your service provider in order to continue to stay connected to the telephone network.

Telecommunication Companies
There are a number of companies providing telecommunications utility service in Hawaii.

Telecommunications Relay and Speech to Speech Services
Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS), also sometimes referred to as TDD (telecommunications devices for the deaf), is a service mandated by Federal and State rules and statutes.

Hawaiian Telcom Tariffs
This link provides a PUC approved list of rules and rates charged for the provision of Hawaiian Telcom’s regulated services.

Lifeline Information