Title 6 – PUC Administrative Rules and General Orders relating to the Division of Consumer Advocacy

These PUC Administrative Rules and General Orders were adopted by the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission.  They establish a uniform set of standards and procedures that regulators and utilities must follow while operating in the state.


Chapter 60 – Standards for Electric and Gas Services in the State of Hawaii

Chapter 16-601 (Effective 01/01/2019) – Rules of Practice and Procedure Before the Public Utilities Commission

Chapter 62 – Motor Carrier Rules and Classification of Property and Passenger Carriers

Amendment: §6-62-8 Insurance Requirements

– General Order No. 5 is repealed
– §6-62-2 is amended
– A new subchapter 7, comprised of §6-62-42 to §6-62-51, is added

Chapter 16-603 (Effective 01/01/2019) – Motor Carrier Tariffs and Schedules

Chapter 16-605 (Effective 01/01/2019) – Water Carriers

Chapter 16-608 (Effective 01/01/2019) – Investigation and Enforcement of Laws Governing Public Utilities, Motor Carriers, and Water Carriers

Chapter 74 – Standards for Small Power Production and Cogeneration

Chapter 76 – Shared Tenant Service

Chapter 77 – Transportation of Natural Gas and Other Gas by Pipeline; Minimum Safety Standards

Chapter 79 – Aggregator and Operator Service

Chapter 80 – Competition in Telecommunication Services

Chapter 81 – Universal Service Fund

Chapter 82 – Pay Telephone Service


General Order # 6

Section 1 – Rules for Overhead Electric Line Construction

Section 2 – Definition of Terms

Section 3 – Requirements for All Lines

Section 4 – Strength Requirements for All Classes of Lines

Section 5 – Detailed Construction Requirements for Supply Lines

Section 6 – Additional Construction Requirements for Tower Lines

Section 7 – Detailed Construction Requirements for Trolley Contract and Feeder Conductors and their Supporting Messenger, Span Wires, Etc.

Section 8 – Detailed Construction Requirements for Communication Lines

Section 9 – Joint Poles or Poles Jointly Used

Section 10 – Supply and Communication Lines in Line Crossings or Conflicts

Section 11 – Supply Lines or Communications Crossing Over Railways

General Order # 7

Standards for Electric Utility Service In the Satate of Hawaii

General Order # 8

Standards for Telephone Service in Hawaii

General Order # 9

Standards for Gas Service, Calorimetry, Holders and Vessels in the State of Hawaii

General Order # 10

Rules for Construction of Underground Electric and Communications Systems