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Issue #48 – September 2021
In this issue: Decode Your Power Bill, Competitive Procurement of Dispatchable and Renewable Generation, Hawaii Residents Will Need to Dial 808 for Local Calls, Kilauea Irrigation Co. Asset Transfer and Surrender of CPCN, Utility Bill Assistance Available, Launiupoko Irrigation Co., LLC, General Rate Increase Application.
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Issue #47 – July 2021
In this issue: Small Steps to an Energy-Efficient Home, Utility Bill Assistance Available, Recent Status Conferences & Informational Briefing, A Proceeding to Investigate Whether Designated ETC’s, Participating in the High-Cost Program of the Universal, Service Fund Should be Certified By the PUC.
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Issue #46 – May 2021 Special Edition
In this issue: Increasing number of utility scams during COVID-19 outbreak, COVID-19 Utility Update – End of the Moratorium, Utility Bill Assistance Programs.
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Issue #45 – April 2021
In this issue: 988 Suicide Prevention Hotline, Hawaiian Electric’s Interconnection Process and Transition Plans for Retirement of Fossil Fuel Power Plants, COVID-19 Utility Update, Utility Bill Assistance Programs
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