Telecommunication Companies – A

There are a number of companies providing telecommunications utility service on the in Hawaii. A comprehensive list of these companies is listed below.

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AAA Rent to Own – Hawaii, Inc.
ACN Communication Services, Inc.
ACSI Local Switched Services, Inc.
Adelphia Telecommunications, Inc.
Affinity Network Incorporated
Airnex Communications, Inc.
ALLTEL Communications, Inc.
Aloha Telecom, Inc.
American Fiber Network, Inc.
American Telecommunications Systems, Inc.
AmeriVision Communications, Inc.
Andiamo Telecom, LLC
Arch Wireless Operating Company, Inc. fka Mobile Communications Corporation of America
ASC Telecom
Association Administrators, Inc.
AT&T Communications of Hawaii, Inc.
AT&T Wireless PCS, LLC
AT&T Wireless Services of Hawaii, Inc.
Atlas Equity, Inc.