Consumer Advocate Recommends Additional Consumer Protections Amidst Maui Wildfires

Posted on Sep 28, 2023 in Hot Topics, Key Dockets, Main

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The Division of Consumer Advocacy (DCA) supports Order No. 40218, which suspends utility disconnections on Maui through October 17, 2023, due to the devastating wildfires. DCA recommends further protections for ratepayers, including:

  1. No Disconnection Fees: DCA urges that no customer impacted by the wildfires should face disconnection fees.
  2. Waiving Connection Fees and Deposits: Given the displacement of many utility customers, DCA recommends waiving all connection fees and deposits for these customers until December 31, 2023, possibly with an extension, aligning with Maui Electric Company’s request in Docket No. 2023-0349.

These recommendations aim to protect ratepayers during this challenging period, but it’s essential to note that the DCA is making these suggestions to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and does not make the final decisions.