The Repeal of Chapter 514A, HRS

Act 181, passed in the 2017 legislative session, repeals Chapter 514A, HRS, effective January 1, 2019. Previously, Chapter 514B, HRS, had largely superseded the governance of all condominiums in the state, leaving only the development sections of Chapter 514A, HRS, relevant.

Act 181, SLH 2017, does not invalidate any condominium property regime that was validly created under chapter 514A, Hawaii Revised Statutes, prior to July 1, 2006.

Act 181, SLH 2017, does not allow for extensions. The Hawaii Real Estate Commission’s (“Commission”) did request that all paperwork be submitted by August of 2018 in the Frequently Asked Questions that was mailed to thousands of developers.

The repeal of the development sections poses a concern to two groups of people: Developers who still retain inventory of units created under Chapter 514A, HRS, and condominium owners who received their unit as either a gift or inheritance.

Please read following publications to determine if the repeal impacts you and what to do if it does:

You may find the forms and general information necessary to file your extension or supplemental public report here:

The repeal’s legislatively imposed deadline of January 1, 2019 is not a filing deadline, but a completion deadline. Act 181, SLH 2017, does not allow for any extensions. Due to less than six weeks remaining in 2018, developers or their attorneys will be required to submit an acknowledgement form prior to the review process, effective November 26, 2018.

Law Links:

Act 181, SLH 2017 – Part V, Section 45

Act 244, SLH 2007 – Section 8

Act 93, SLH 2005 – Section 9

It has been brought to the Hawaii Real Estate Commission’s (“Commission”) attention regarding the September 30, 1994 meeting where the Commission granted an extension allowing developers to not file a supplementary report for conversion of shed apartments to residential dwellings where the developer’s public report discloses such a change as permitted and where the developer provides a copy of all amendments to the declaration of condominium property regime and condominium map to disclose the change to the project.

The Commission during the August 8, 2018 Real Estate Commission meeting issued a non-binding interpretation stating that in the context of the Chapter 514A repeal, that the September 30, 1994 decision should not be relied upon in meeting Act 181, SLH 2017’s statutory safe harbor and staff reiterated in the meeting that all developers should prepare and submit supplementary reports or extensions (where relevant) to the Commission as soon as possible. Hawaii state law supersedes the Commission’s non-binding interpretations and affected parties should follow Act 181, SLH 2017.