Expeditions daily ferry, Pulama contractor ferry and fueling schedule for 2024

Posted on Jan 12, 2024 in Hot Topics, Main

Pulama Lana’i contractor ferry will continue indefinitely as scheduled on every Monday at 06:00 Lahaina and on every Friday at 15:00 Manele. Except for holidays (Please note that the Manele departure has been permanently moved up one hour at the request of Pulama Lana’i).

 The contractor ferry normally scheduled for Monday 01/15/24 has been moved to Tuesday 01/16/24 in consideration of the Martin Luther King holiday. The contractor ferry normally scheduled for Monday 02/20/24 has been moved to 02/21/24 in consideration of the Presidents Day holiday. We will keep you updated on Monday holidays that are scheduled later in the year.

 Expeditions Six (X6) fuels 4 days a week at 04:30. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

 On Monday mornings after fueling X6 then stands off outside of the harbor so that the contractor ferry (CF, X4 or X5) may fuel at approximately 04:45. After fueling, CF loads between 60-90 Maui based contractors and their gear commuting to Lana’i for the week and departs at 06:00. X6 then returns to board passengers for our scheduled 06:30 daily ferry departure.

 CF returns to Maalaea at approximately 08:45 for a quick offload and washdown. CF vacates the ferry dock prior to daily ferry return.

On Monday’s to Maui and Friday’s to Lana’i, they have resumed service available to Maui and Lana’i residents in transporting large items that they are unable to carry on the scheduled passenger ferry. On Fridays at approximately 12:15, X6 will vacate the ferry dock and stand outside of the harbor so that X4/X5 may load at 12:30. CF will then depart at approximately 13:00 and X6 will return to the ferry dock to resume normal ferry operations. CF returns to Maalaea at approximately 16;15 to offload and washdown, departing the ferry dock long before the daily ferry returns.

Please visit https://go-lanai.com/ for more information or contact their offices at

Maui Phone: (808) 661-3756
Toll Free: (800) 695-2624
Fax: (808) 661-0544