In the State of Hawaii, a license is required before you can work in certain industries. Currently, there are more than 50 different industries in which a professional or vocational license is required. These industries are the kind that affect the health, safety, and welfare of Hawaii’s citizens.

The Regulated Industries Complaints Office (RICO) investigates allegations of professional misconduct by licensees and unlicensed activity that may be occurring in the State. RICO’s partner agency, the Professional and Vocational Licensing Division, accepts applications and issues licenses for the various licensing boards, commissions, and programs.

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RICO also administers the State Certified Arbitration Program (SCAP). Hawaii’s “Lemon Law” helps consumers who have problems getting their new or leased cars (or motorcycles) repaired under a manufacturer’s warranty.

For a more detailed explanation about RICO, see our Overview/Services, or click on the following links for information about a specific profession or vocation:

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