Licensee Information

Information for Licensees

  • The Complaints Review Process

It can be stressful and intimidating when a RICO complaint is filed against you so this information could help.  It provides you with a basic framework of how complaints are processed by RICO.
Complaints Review Process PDF brochure

  • Compliance Tips

Small steps can be taken by any licensee to decrease the chance of becoming the subject of a RICO complaint.  If a complaint has been filed already, a few things can still be done to make the process a little easier.  This information is based on the thousands of complaints that have been processed by RICO over time, and is offered to assist you with compliance before, during and after a complaint ends.
Compliance Tips PDF Brochure

  • A word on advertising

As a licensee, your solicitations and advertisements, and how you hold yourself out to the public, can be regulated too.  Unfortunately, the advertising laws and rules vary widely among the regulated industries so it’s important to be familiar with those that apply to your trade or profession.   Here are a few things to consider.Advertising as a Licensed Professional PDF brochure

  • Learn more about certain regulated-industries and complaints processing

You are invited to use the search tools, information and brochures accessible through this site to learn more about certain industries that are regulated, including the building industry consisting of contractors, electricians, plumbers, engineers, and the real estate industry which includes real estate schools, brokers, salespersons, and even time-share plans.  Many of the industry-specific brochures can be downloaded at no cost to you.

The  Complaints and Enforcement Officer can speak to licensee organizations about RICO’s complaints process.  If you are interested in hearing from RICO’s CEO (or another speaker in her absence), please complete and return the RICO Information/Speaker Request form.

  • Are you interested in serving as a volunteer industry expert?

Some complaints that are investigated by RICO require technical input and expertise from an industry professional, including complaints involving specialty contracting and the healthcare industry, to name just a few.  Subject to being vetted and approved by the DCCA Director and/or the appropriate licensing board, does assisting RICO as a voluntary industry consultant interest you?  If the answer is yes, please consider sending a letter of interest to:

Regulated Industries Complaints Office
Attn: Administration
235 S. Beretania Street, 9th Floor
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

You may also email the information to the attention of RICO-Administration at [email protected].


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