The Regulated Industries

What Industries, professionals, and tradespersons fall within RICO’s enforcement authority?

In the interest of public health, welfare and safety, a professional or vocational license is required to perform certain services and work, in a regulated industry, for consumers. The professional or vocational license is not the same as a general excise tax license or business registration.  The professional and vocational licenses that RICO has enforcement authority over are managed by the Professional and Vocational Licensing Division (PVL) of the DCCA, and governed by the industry board, commission or program.

A professional or vocational license is a significant and unique achievement for the holder.   It cannot be loaned out to, or borrowed, by someone else.  The license assures the consumer that the industry person they will be hiring has the minimum level of education, training and experience needed to competently perform the specialized work.

The following is a list of the regulated industries and the professionals and tradespersons who perform their specialized services.

Industry Governing Board or Program

in the DCCA

Profession or Vocation Requiring a License / Registration (R) / Certificate (C) / Permit


(Please note that this list is not exhaustive)


Governing Licensing Laws
Accountancy Board of Public Accountancy Accountant

Permit to Practice

Firm Permit to Practice

HRS Chapter 466

HAR Chapter 71

Activity Desk Activity Desk Program Activity Desk (R)


HRS Chapter 468M

HAR Chapter 117


Acupuncture Board of Acupuncture Acupuncturist HRS Chapter 436E

HAR Chapter 72


Appraisal (real estate)


Appraisal Management Company Program


Appraisal Management Company (R) HRS Chapter 466L


Athletic Trainers Athletic Trainers Program Athletic Trainers (R) HRS Chapter 436H


Barbering & Cosmetology Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Barber

Barber Shop

Beauty Operator

Beauty Shop

Beauty Instructor

Beauty School

Beauty Apprentice (R)

Barber Apprentice (R)



HRS Chapter 438

HAR Chapter 73



HRS Chapter 439

HAR Chapter 78


Behavior Analysts Behavior Analyst Program Behavior Analyst HRS Chapter 465D


Boxing Hawaii State Boxing Commission Boxer










HRS Chapter 440

HAR Chapter 74

Cemetery Cemetery and Pre-Need Funeral Authority Program Cemetery Authority

Pre-Need Funeral Authority


HRS Chapter 441

HAR Chapter 75

Chiropractor Hawaii Board of Chiropractic Chiropractor


HRS Chapter 442

HAR Chapter 76


Collection Agency Collection Agency Program Collection Agencies (R)

Exempt Out-Of-State Collection Agency Designation (R)


HRS Chapter 443B

HAR Chapter 112

Condominium Condominium Property Regimes  Condominium – CPR Registration (R)



HRS Chapter 514B

(Limited enforcement authority)

Contractor Contractor License Board Contractors –Sole Proprietor, Responsible Managing Employee, Entity

–        General Engineering

–        General Building

–        Specialty Contractors


HRS Chapter 444

HAR Chapter 77

Dentist & Dental Hygienist Board of Dentistry Dentist

Dentist Temporary

Community Service Dentist

Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienist Temporary

Community Service Dental Hygienist




HRS Chapter 448

HAR Chapter 79


Dental Hygienist:

HRS Chapter 447

HAR Chapter 79


Dispensing Optician Dispensing Optician Program Dispensing Optician


HRS Chapter 458

HAR Chapter 91


Electricians & Plumbers Board of Electricians and Plumbers Electrician


HRS Chapter 448E

HAR Chapter 80


Electrologists Electrologist Program Electrologist HRS Chapter 448F

HAR Chapter 113


Elevator Mechanic Elevator Mechanics Licensing Board Elevator Mechanic

Elevator Mechanic Apprentice (R)

HRS Chapter 448H

HAR Chapter 81

Employment Agency Commercial Employment Agency Program Employment Agency

Employment Agency, Principal Agent Of


HRS Chapter 373

HAR Chapter 108

Engineers, Architects, Surveyors, & Landscape Architects



Board of Professional Engineers, Architects, Surveyors, & Landscape Architects Engineer


Land Surveyor

Landscape Architect

HRS Chapter 464

HAR Chapter 115

Hearing Aid Dealer & Fitter


Hearing Aid Dealer and Fitter Program Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters HRS Chapter 451A

HAR Chapter 83

Marriage & Family Therapist


Marriage and Family Therapist Program Marriage and Family Therapist


HRS Chapter 451J
Massage Board of Massage Therapy Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy Establishment

Massage Therapist Apprentice


HRS Chapter 452

HAR Chapter 84


Medical, Osteopathy & Medical Assistance Hawaii Medical Board Physician Assistant


Osteopathic Physician


Emergency Medical Technician Basic

Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic

Emergency Medical Technician Advanced (C)


Physician Assistant:

HRS Chapter 453

HAR Chapter 85



HRS Chapter 453

HAR Chapter 85



HRS Chapter 453

HAR Chapter 93



HRS Chapter 463E

HAR Chapter 85



HRS Chapter 453

HAR Chapter 85




Mental Health Counselor Mental Health Counselor Licensing Program


Mental Health Counselor HRS Chapter 453D
Mixed Martial Arts


Mixed Martial Arts Contests Program Mixed Martial Arts Pro Contestant

Mixed Martial Arts Judge

Mixed Martial Arts Manager

Mixed Martial Arts Physician

Mixed Martial Arts Promoter

Mixed Martial Arts Referee

Mixed Martial Arts Second

HRS Chapter 440E
Motor Vehicle Industry Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board Motor Vehicle Salesperson

Motor Vehicle Dealer

Motor Vehicle Consumer Consultant (R)


HRS Chapter 437

HAR Chapter 86

Motor Vehicle Repair Motor Vehicle Repair Industry Board Mechanic

Motor Vehicle Repair Dealer

Motor Vehicle Salvage Repair Dealer


HRS Chapter 437B

HAR Chapter 87

Naturopaths Board of Naturopathic Medicine Naturopath

Naturopathy Professional Corp.

HRS Chapter 455

HAR Chapter 88


Nurse Aide Certified Nurse Aide (C) HRS Chapter 457A

HAR Chapter 89A


Nursing Board of Nursing Licensed Practical Nurse

Registered Nurse

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

APRN with Prescriptive Authority

Limited Practical Nurse


HRS Chapter 457

HAR Chapter 89



Nursing Home Administrator Nursing Home Administrator Nursing Home Administrator HRS Chapter 457B

HAR Chapter 90


Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Program Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapy Assistant

HRS Chapter 457G
Optometry Hawaii Board of Optometry Optometrist

Optometry Professional Corp.


HRS Chapter 459

HAR Chapter 92


Pest Control Pest Control Board Pest Control Operator

Pest Control Field Representative


HRS Chapter 460J

HAR Chapter 94

Pharmacy & Pharmacist Board of Pharmacy Pharmacist


Pharmacy – Miscellaneous Permit

Wholesale Prescription Drug Distributor


HRS Chapter 461

HAR Chapter 95



Physical Therapy Board of Physical Therapy Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist Assistant

HRS Chapter 461J

HAR Chapter 110


Port Pilot Port Pilot Program Port Pilot

Deputy Port Pilot

HRS Chapter 462A

HAR Chapter 96


Private Detective & Guard Board of Private Detectives and Guards Guard Employee (R)


Guard Agency

Private Detective

Private Detective Agency


HRS Chapter 463

HAR Chapter 97

Psychology Board of Psychology Psychologist


HRS Chapter 465

HAR Chapter 98


Real Estate Real Estate Commission Real Estate Salesperson

Real Estate Broker

Prelicense Education School (R)

Prelicense Instructor (C)

Condominium Hotel Operator (R)


HRS Chapter 467

HAR Chapter 99

HRS Chapter 514B








Real Estate Appraisal Real Estate Appraiser Program State Licensed Appraiser

State Certified Residential Appraiser (C)

State Certified General Appraiser (C)

Real Estate Appraiser Trainee (R)

Appraisal Management Company


HRS Chapter 466K

HAR Chapter 114

Respiratory Therapist


Respiratory Therapists Respiratory Therapist HRS Chapter 466D


Social Worker Social Worker Program Licensed Bachelor Social Worker

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Licensed Social Worker


HRS Chapter 467E
Speech Pathology and Audiology Board of Speech Pathology and Audiology Audiologist

Speech Pathologist


HRS Chapter 468E

HAR Chapter 100

Time Share Time Share Developer (R)

Plan Manager (R)

Acquisition Agent (R)

Exchange Agent (R)


HRS Chapter 514E

HAR Chapter 106

Travel Agency Travel Agency Program Charter Tour Operator (R)

Travel Agency (R)


HRS Chapter 468L

HAR Chapter 116

Uniform Athlete Agent Uniform Athlete Agents Program


Uniform Athlete Agent (R) HRS Chapter 481E


Veterinary Hawaii Board of Veterinary Medicine Veterinarian


HRS Chapter 471

HAR Chapter 101




Veterinary Technician Program Veterinary Technician


HRS Chapter 472



Additional Information on certain industries, trades, and professions