The Broadband section is part of the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) Cable Television (CATV) Division. Legislation in 2010 charged the DCCA with broadband development duties and the creation of the Broadband Assistance Advisory Council (BAAC). CATV/Broadband provides support for BAAC activities.

In January 2010, the National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA) awarded DCCA with a State Broadband Data and Development Program grant (now called the State Broadband Initiative (SBI)) to carry out broadband data collection and mapping, broadband development planning, and broadband adoption activities.

CATV/Broadband activities include: Supporting public and private efforts to enhance or facilitate deployment; making recommendations to establish affordable, accessible broadband services to un-served and underserved areas; increasing usage and demand for broadband services by facilitating deployment of expanded broadband applications and services, such as telework, telemedicine, and e-learning; and assisting in implementing recommendations in the Hawaii Broadband Task Force Report (December 2008).