In addition to regulatory oversight of the franchised wireline cable operators, the Cable Television (CATV) Division of the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) also works to promote broadband adoption and use.  Broadband activities include supporting public and private efforts to facilitate deployment of, and access to, competitively priced broadband and Internet access services across the State; promoting broadband adoption and use to increase demand for broadband level communications; and assisting in implementing recommendations in the Hawaii Broadband Task Force Report (December 2008).

Under Act 199, Session Laws of Hawaii 2010, DCCA convened the Broadband Assistance Advisory Council (BAAC).  The BAAC, comprised of public and private broadband stakeholders appointed by the Hawaii State Legislature, was created to provide advice and assistance to DCCA on policies and funding priorities to promote broadband use and to expedite deployment of affordable and accessible broadband services in Hawaii.  CATV provides support for the BAAC and its activities.