Take Charge Of Your Money

Take Charge of Your Money4! (official site) is a special series developed by the University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR) and Information Technology Services, Academic Technologies, to help you with managing your financial affairs. This series of financial literacy videos will be broadcast on local television on channels 354 or 355 and is available on the TCYM4 website.  Segments will assist consumers improve their understanding and develop skills to effectively mange the family resources of their households.

DCCA is proud to be part of this UH CTAHR program offering segments on the following consumer issues listed under DCCA Consumer Protection and DCCA Consumer Education on the TCYM4 site.  Please note that these videos were filmed between 2014-2015.  Information may have changed due to revisions of existing laws.  Please contact the DCCA if you have any questions on the videos below.

Watch the videos now by clicking on a topic.

Lemon Law – Knowing Your Rights

Data Breaches & ID Theft

Why Hiring a Licensed Contractor Could Save You Big Bucks

Investor Education: Ponzi Schemes

Understanding Insurance Can Keep You Healthy

Top three Things to Know about Homeowners Insurance

Ways to Save Energy & Money

Retail Merchandise: Returns & Exchanges