FREE Investor Education Materials

Enjoy the various Investor Education resources and materials. The following is a listing of resources that are available for viewing and/or printing. Click on the links below to access/connect some helpful information. 

Investor Education Resource and Materials
This section provides FREE investor education resources and materials to the public about who we are, how we can help protect them from securities fraud, scams and schemes and how to report securities violations to our office.

Investor Education Presentations
This section explains our FREE securities related presentations.  Learn what topics are available and how to schedule a presentation.

National Resources
This section list various links to national organizations and agencies who produce FREE and easy to read investor education resources and materials.

Military Resources
This section is devoted to our military men, women, and their families. Included are links to investor education resources that has been designed especially with our military in mind.

Student Resources
This section list resources available to students who want learn more about investor education and the securities industry.

Empowering Our Kupuna
This section is dedicated to Hawaii’s Kupuna (senior citizens) who are among the most targeted for fraud and scams.  We have provided resources and materials for the Kupuna, their family as well as their caregivers to help protect them from being a victim of financial scams and/or securities fraud.