About the Business Registration Division, Securities Branches

The Securities Branches provide regulatory oversight over the securities industry and franchises in the State and are organized as follows:

  • The Securities Compliance Branch is responsible for the registration of securities broker-dealers, securities agents, investment advisers, investment adviser representatives, investment companies, securities offerings, and the filing of franchise offering circulars in the State.  The branch also conducts field examinations of broker-dealers and investment advisers in Hawaii.
  • The Investor Education Program (IEP), which falls under the Securities Compliance Branch, provides investor education and financial literacy outreach statewide.  The IEP maintains outreach programs for kupuna (seniors) and caregivers, working families and union members, keiki (youths), industry professionals, military, and Hawaiian and other ethnic communities.  The IEP is also the state coordinator of LifeSmarts, a national consumer education program for youth.
  • The Securities Enforcement Branch enforces state laws governing the securities industry under the Hawaii Uniform Securities Act and franchises under the Franchise Investment Law.  The branch investigates and prosecutes cases involving state securities law and franchise law violations.

Click here to see the listing of Hawaii Revised Statutes that pertain to Securities.

For more information on the Securities Branches, please visit the Securities Overview/Services page.

The Business Registration Division (BREG) is a division of the State of Hawaii, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.  The division is responsible for handling state business registrations and overseeing the securities industry and franchises in the state.

BREG is led by the Commissioner of Securities and the Deputy Securities Commissioner and is organized into 3 main areas:

The Division is supported by Administrative and Office Services sections.