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IEP Presentations

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Available topics listed below:


1. Who We Are? And How Can We Help?

This presentation is an introduction to the Department of
Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA), Office of the
Securities Commissioner.  Learn about our office, investment
fraud protection tips, how to report investment fraud, where to get free investor protection materials, and more!

2. How To Spot A Con Artist
And Safeguard Your Investment

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  This
presentation will cover threats to investors, ways you can spot a con
artist, ways to protect yourself from becoming a victim, and how
the DCCA Office of the Securities Commissioner can help you.

3. Protect Yourself And Your Money
From Predatory Tactics

Con artists will say or do anything to take your hard earned money
away from you.  This presentation will cover examples of  predatory
tactics, how to recognize these tactics, and how the
DCCA Office of the Securities Commissioner can help you.

4. Understanding Variable Annuities
And Are They Right For You?

Variable annuities can be complex – with different types, fees, risk
factors, rate of return, etc.  This presentation will cover the basics,
things to be aware of, and how the DCCA Office of the Securities
Commissioner can help you.

5. Avoid Being A Victim:
Know The Threats That Investors Face

Investment fraud comes in many shapes and forms.  This
presentation will cover various threats to Hawaii investors.
From unregistered investment products and unregistered agents,
misused credentials and designations, to greedy sales
practices and Ponzi Schemes.  Learn more about how you can
avoid becoming a victim of investment fraud and how the
DCCA Office of the Securities Commissioner can help you.

6. Investment Fraud: The Ponzi Scheme

One of the most common types of investment fraud today is the
Ponzi Scheme.  This presentation will cover what a Ponzi Scheme is,
how it works, the losses that investors may incur, red flags to watch
for, where to report Ponzi Schemes and other types of investment
fraud and how the DCCA Office of the Securities Commissioner can help.

7. Affinity Fraud

Affinity Fraud can happen to anyone, at any time.  Affinity fraud
occurs when con artists tap into community groups, family ties,
clubs or other “affinities” to create a false sense of trust to lure
victims into investing.  This presentation will cover what Affinity
Fraud is, the approach and possible targets of this type of fraud, ways to avoid the fraud, and how the DCCA Office of
the Securities Commissioner can help.