Private Detectives and Guards

The Board of Private Detectives and Guards licenses detectives, private detectives, and investigatorsDetective agencies and private detective agencies must also be licensed.

The Board also licenses guard agencies, which includes principal guards and individual guard employees.

Guards may be uniformed or non-uniformed.  They provide services to apartment associations, retail establishments, hotels, armored car services, financial institutions, public utilities, and hospitals.  They also serve as doormen and bouncers.

For more information, including helpful tips for consumers, see RICO’s brochure, “Information about Private Detectives and Guards.”

Private Detectives and Guards brochure image

RICO relies on information from consumers to monitor conduct in the industry and to watch for unlicensed activity. For information about filing a complaint, click on the link below or call the RICO Consumer Resource Center to speak with an intake investigator about your complaint.