About the Hawaii Insurance Division

The Insurance Division is responsible for overseeing the insurance industry in the State of Hawaii, which includes insurance companies, insurance agents, self-insurers and captives.

The division ensures that consumers are provided with insurance services meeting acceptable standards of quality, equity and dependability at fair rates by establishing and enforcing appropriate service standards. Administration of Chapters 431, 431K, 431M, 432, 432D, 432E, 435C and 435E, HRS, which provide for the licensing, supervision and regulation of all insurance transactions in the State. Administration of Chapter 488, HRS, Legal Service Plans also falls within the division duties.

The Insurance Division is organized, under the direction of the Insurance Commissioner and assisted by the Chief Deputy Insurance Commissioner, into seven branches:

The functions of the Division are supported by an Office Services section, several staff positions, the Joint Underwriting Plan Bureau and the Joint Underwriting Plan Board of Governors.  The seven branches closely interact with each other in attaining the common goal of safeguarding the public interest by monitoring the insurance company activities to ensure that acceptable standards are maintained and by fairly administering the Insurance Code.