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A captive insurance company (or “captive”) can generally be described as a closely held insurance company that insures the risks and exposures of its owners and affiliates.

Since captive law was enacted in 1986, there has been a steady increase in the number of companies incorporated in Hawaii. Organizers include some of the state’s largest employers as well as U.S. and foreign based regional and multinational companies from a diverse range of industries. For more information on captive insurance law, please click here.

Hawaii Captive Fact Sheet

Hawaii Captive Recap (as of 6/30/21)


Benefits of Creating a Captive in Hawaii

Steps to Create a Captive & Ongoing Procedures

Approved Captive Insurance Managers


Initial Incorporation Fee: $50
Annual Business Registration Fee: $15
Captive Application Fee: $1000
Captive Annual License Fees:
Class 1 and 2: $300
Class 3: $500
Class 4 and 5: $1000

Premium Tax (Annual)
Tax on captive’s premiums written only.  No minimum premium tax, maximum premium tax of $200,000.  No taxation of captive premiums if premiums were previously subjected to tax in jurisdiction where underlying risk is located, or on reinsurance premiums assumed by captive.

Rates as follows:
0.25% on premiums from $0 up to $25 million

0.15% on premiums from $25 million up to $50 million

0.05% on premiums from $50 million up to $250 million

0.00% on premiums more than $250 million


2020 Annual Filing Requirements Memorandum 2020-11C

2020 Domestic RRG Captive Filing Requirements Memorandum 2020-12C

Captive Annual Filings shall be submitted to the following email address: [email protected].

Captive Annual Filing Forms are not available online. To request forms, please contact us.


Captive Applications, Business Plan Amendments, Notifications and Conditional Filings shall be submitted to the following email address: [email protected].


Captive Review – Hawaii Report 2016


Andrew Kurata
Deputy Commissioner and Captive Insurance Administrator

State of Hawaii
Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs
Insurance Division – Captive Insurance Branch
335 Merchant Street, Room 213
Honolulu, HI 96813

Telephone: (808) 586-0981
Facsimile: (808) 586-0987
Email: [email protected]


Hawaii Captive Insurance Council

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