West Hawaii Utility Company Applies for Rate Increase – Docket No. 2017-0350

Posted on Mar 14, 2018 in Key Dockets

Waikoloa Resort Utilities, Inc. dba West Hawaii Utility Company (WHUC) submitted an application to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) for rate increases for its utility company as well as for West Hawaii Water Company (WHWC) and West Hawaii Sewer Company (WHSC) – its water and wastewater services respectively (collectively called “Waikoloa Utilities”).

Waikoloa Utilities is requesting a net overall revenue increase of $2,400,603 for its consolidated operations. This amounts to an approximate increase of 29.2 percent. The proposal is comprised of  proposed increases of $305,026 (7.2 percent) for water service, $2,046,590 (55.4 percent) for sewer, and $48,988 (15.9 percent) for irrigation service. It cites that current rates will not produce sufficient revenues to earn a fair rate of return and has plans to make additional capital improvements in the Test Year.

PUC Denies WHUC’s Request for Consolidation of Rate Case Applications

The PUC denied Waikoloa Utilities’ request to consolidate the rate case applications of WHUC, WHWC, and WHSC into a single proceeding. After consideration, the PUC was unconvinced that the consolidation of the forthcoming general rate case applications of WHUC, WHWC, and WHSC into a single proceeding would be “conducive to the proper dispatch of the commission’s business, the ends of justice, or would not unduly delay the proceedings.” The Consumer Advocate did not take a position on Waikoloa Utilities’ Motion for Consolidation.

You can read details of the Order and other related documents by searching Docket No. 2017-0350 on the PUC’s Document Management System.