Customer Complaints & Government Assistance

As a customer, you have certain rights pertaining to your utility services. If you have questions pertaining to your bill or the services you receive, call your service provider for more information. If you are not satisfied with their response, you can file a complaint with the Public Utilities Commission.  You have two options for filing a complaint with the Commission, either outline your concerns in a letter or use the complaint form provided below.  Either way, copies of your complaint should be mailed to the Public Utilities Commission , the Division of Consumer Advocacy , and the water utility company.

PUC Utility Complaint Form(PDF)

Please Note: This is a pdf fillable form which means it can be filled out and then printed, but the information you enter into it cannot be saved for future reference.  To fill out the form, simply click on the applicable fields and enter your information.  Like some other pdf files the form itself can be downloaded and saved to your computer.