Recent Status Conferences & Informational Briefing

Posted on Aug 16, 2021 in Hot Topics

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) recently held four status conferences and one informational briefing. See below for details and links to watch the recordings.

Status Conference to Discuss HECO’s Plans for the Retirement of the AES Coal Plant (2021-0024)
The PUC held this Status Conference to receive a number of updates, as well as to ask follow-up questions of Hawaiian Electric in response to recently-issued Commission information requests, related to system reliability and planning surrounding the retirement of the AES coal plant on Oahu.

Status Conference on HECO’s Scheduled Dispatch Program Implementation Plan (2019-0323)
The PUC held this Status Conference to (1) receive responses from Hawaiian Electric on questions posed by the Commission; and (2) provide docket Parties an opportunity to discuss concerns with Hawaiian Electric’s Scheduled Dispatch Program Implementation Plan.

Status Conference to Discuss Interconnection-Related Issues for the Kapolei BESS Project (2020-0136)
The PUC held this Status Conference to discuss interconnection-related issues regarding the Kapolei BESS Project, including the Proposed Stipulated Procedural Schedule filed jointly by the Parties and Participant on June 21, 2021, the underlying issue of the anticipated completion date of the Interconnection Requirements Amendment, and related matters regarding the remainder of the proceeding in Docket No. 2020-0136.

Status Conference to Discuss the Molokai RFP and CBRE program for Molokai (2019-0178, 2015-0389)
The PUC held this Status Conference to review Hawaiian Electric’s Molokai Request for Proposals (“Molokai Plan”), filed on March 29, 2021 (Docket No. 2019-0178), the Community-Based Renewable Energy (CBRE) program for Molokai (Docket No. 2015-0389), and stakeholders’ comments in response to these filings.

Informational Briefing on Hoʻomaka Hou June 22, 2020 Incident, Hilo, Hawaii
The PUC held this Informational Briefing on the investigation into the Hoʻomaka Hou June 22, 2020 Incident in Hilo, Hawaii. Presentations of findings will be made by representatives from each agency and from Young Brothers, and will be followed by questions from the Division of Consumer Advocacy and the Commission.