May 10 & 12 – 9th Annual Hawaii Energy Conference

Posted on Apr 29, 2022 in Important Events

The Hawaii Energy Conference (HEC) brings together experts on energy policy, strategies, leadership and innovation. Energy industry leaders from Hawaii, the Continental U.S., Japan and Europe exchange ideas on how to better serve the community in today’s rapidly changing power generation and delivery environment.

The 9th Annual Hawaii Energy Conference revisits the challenges of electrifying the grid and transportation – current successes, potential pitfalls, and future opportunities.

The two-day discussion will review the issues surrounding electrification with the following thoughts in mind:

  • How do we define “electrification” and is it the same everywhere?
  • How are the community’s needs and concerns being addressed as the infrastructure for electrification become more prevalent?
  • How is resilience being brought into the equation of electrification?
  • What has been and will be the impact of COVID-19 on customers of the utility?
  • What should the climate goals of electrification be – net zero carbon, net negative carbon, or zero emissions?
  • What is the role of energy efficiency in electrification? …and more

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