January 7 – Public Hearing for Application of Launiupoko Irrigation Co., LLC for a Temporary Rate Increase (Docket No. 2020-0089)

Posted on Dec 17, 2020 in Important Events, Key Dockets, Public Meeting

The Public Utilities Commission will hold a virtual public hearing relating to the application of Launiupoko Irrigation Co., LLC, for approval of a temporary rate increase for non-potable (irrigation) water services in the Launiupoko area (Docket No. 2020-0089). The PUC will host the virtual hearing through WebEx for online and telephonic participation by all interested persons. Written statements may also be emailed to the PUC. Meeting information for the virtual public hearing is as follows:

Thursday, January 7, 2021, at 5:30 pm via WebEx:


(via web browser or WebEx mobile device app)
Link:  https://hpuc.my.webex.com/hpuc.my/j.php?MTID=m6d1a54dec523bf14c7843c0bdf87047c
Meeting Number:  126 582 3372
Meeting Password:  6d5CUEDyuX9


Dial-in Number:  1-408-418-9388
Access code:  126 582 3372


[email protected]