HECO Releases 2017-18 Sustainability Report

Posted on Apr 20, 2018 in Hot Topics

Just in time for Earth Day 2018, the Hawaiian Electric Companies released their 11th annual Sustainability Report for 2017-2018. You can read the full news release on the HECO website.

Some accomplishments highlighted in the report include:

  • Reaching a 27 percent renewable portfolio standard across our five-island service territory, up from 26 percent the year before and on track for the 2020 target of 30 percent.
  • HECO used 8.55 million barrels of oil last year compared to 10.7 million seven years ago. This was accomplished by increasing integration of renewables and customers using less electricity.
  • Over seven years, HECO cut its power plant greenhouse gas emissions nearly 20 percent by replacing fossil fuels, customer conservation and energy efficiency.
  • Use of private rooftop solar, increasingly with behind-the-meter energy storage, continues to expand. One-third of customers in single-family homes generate their own power part of the day.

The 24-page report is available at: