Hawaiian Telcom’s Intent to Discontinue Wireless Telecommunications Services in the State of Hawaii

Posted on Dec 14, 2020 in Hot Topics

Hawaiian Telcom intends to discontinue the provision of intrastate wireless telecommunications service on a resold basis in the State of Hawaii effective March 15, 2021.

Initial notification letters to affected customers are being sent starting today, and future notifications via letter, e-mail, text messages and bill messages are planned from mid- December 2020 through March 2021.

What this means to you as a current Hawaiian Telcom Wireless Phone customer:
• You will need to find a new wireless or landline service provider and transfer your number
before March 15, 2021 in order to keep your current wireless phone number and service
• If you do not move your wireless phone service to another company before March 15,
2021, your wireless phone number will be disconnected and your service will be
cancelled. You will receive a final invoice within 60 days.
• If you no longer require wireless phone service, please contact us immediately to close
your account. If no action is taken on your part, service will be disconnected on March 15,
2021 and you will receive a final invoice within 60 days.
• Any other service(s) you have with Hawaiian Telcom will not be affected by this change
and will continue uninterrupted.

Visit hawaiiantel.com/wireless for additional information and answers to questions you
may have.