Governor signs energy-related bills into law

Posted on Jul 24, 2019 in Hot Topics

Governor David Ige recently signed a number of energy-related bills, enacting them into law. The Consumer Advocate testified in numerous bills advocating a position for consumers as a whole.

The following is a short list of energy- and utility- related bills that are now acts in the State of Hawaii:

Bill Relating to Act
SB 1241 Energy Data 92
HB 556 Energy Efficiency 141
HB 1585 Environment 142
SB 661 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles 143
HB 401 Contracting for Public Facilities 144
HB 560 Energy Training 145
HB 1558 Sustainability 146
HB 452 Preferential Electricity Rates for         Protected Agriculture 203
HB 1305 Mutual Assistant Agreement 214
SB 991 Telecommunications 229
SB 1442 Public Utilities Commission 239