How do I go about participating in a Public Utilities Commission Public Hearing and Have My Opinions Heard?

  • Look for and Read the Hearing Notice

The Commission regularly holds public hearings after a company has made their application for a rate increase. It sends out notice of the hearing by posting announcements on their website, in local island newspapers, and statewide newspapers. These notices provide the time, date, and place of the public hearing as well as a brief synopsis of related issues. In most instances the utility service provider will also send a copy of the notice to its customers along with the monthly bill. The Division of Consumer Advocacy also has a link to the Commission’s monthly hearing schedules and other information on this web site.

  • Prepare Testimony

The public hearing is your opportunity to provide comments and express concerns to the Commission about a proposed rate increase. The Division strongly encourages those who testify to put their comments in writing prior to the hearing. Doing this gives the individual the opportunity to present their thoughts in an organized manner and allows the Commission to review those comments at a later time as they deliberate the the matter if they desire. Representatives from the utility service provider as well as the Commission and Consumer Advocate will always be in attendance at these meetings.