Issue #7, October 2008

Posted on Oct 1, 2008 in Newsletters

PUC approves Molokai water rate increase. HECO requests another rate increase. Using solar power. Finding savings through bundled deals, and more.

Issue #6, May 2008

Posted on May 1, 2008 in Newsletters

Explaining DCA and DCCA, Hawaii’s Clean Energy Initiative, CFL Recycling, and Digital TV.

Issue #5, January 2008

Posted on Jan 1, 2008 in Newsletters

Free Phones on the way. Discussing underground power lines, rising electric rates, and more ways to cut back on electricity use.

Issue #4, October 2007

Posted on Oct 1, 2007 in Newsletters

Discussing renewable energy and consumer savings. Do you need a landline phone?

Issue #3, July 2006

Posted on Jul 1, 2006 in Newsletters

This issue of Consumer Spotlight focuses on the Telecommunications Industry. In it you will learn more about common fees and curcharges, how to resolve complaints, and a comparison of wireless and landline services.

Issue #2, November 2005

Posted on Nov 1, 2005 in Newsletters

In this issue of Consumer Spotlight you will learn about the importance of PUC public hearings, regulated water and wastewater services in Hawaii, and the One Call Center.

Issue #1, July 2005

Posted on Jul 1, 2005 in Newsletters

This issue of Consumer Spotlight introduces readers to the DCA and also discusses energy issues like energy conservation and efficiency.